Judy Hector

Dear Debby and all who came to know Wendy Hector,

Wendy’s sudden passing is hard on all of us–family, friends and all who cared for her. I just wanted everyone to know how much I valued all the time, attention, and care given to Wendy in her stay at JC Health & Rehab. I was there every day at all different hours and can vouch that Wendy received top notch care. It was especially heartening to see her making progress with her speech therapist, sitting up on the edge of the bed or getting into a wheelchair, and receiving careful attention to other medical issues. She and I knew that she had a heart tumor that could not be taken care of until she regained strength. There was nothing to be done about the tumor, so it was not the focus of her day-to-day care and progress. Her cardiologist, when the tumor was discovered, said that she could pass on suddenly and without warning or pain. That is what happened.

Her 49 years were too short, but I know that everyone did all that was possible to make her comfortable and provide a healing atmosphere. Her time at JC Health and Rehab was a time of grace for her when family and friends could visit and she could enjoy their company. She and I know that life is eternal and she is moving forward with freedom from mortal limitations embraced in God’s love.

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