Brian Mossburg

Jefferson City Health & Rehabilitation Center is such a loving and caring place. My wife Mary has been a resident for almost two years now. She had a brain aneurysm on July 22, 2016, she has had her skull taken off twice and more surgeries than we can count. The staff at Jefferson City Health & Rehabilitation center have been a blessing to my wife and me. They have an amazing housekeeping team that goes above and beyond to make sure every inch of the center is spotless. There are so many activities each and every day. My wife Mary enjoys going to Church services on Sundays. She loves how much thought and hard work goes into decorating the center for each and every holiday. Words can’t express how caring the C.N.A.’s and nursing staff are. They don’t just go above and beyond for Mary, but each and every resident. Even though she is not in therapy anymore, the staff in the therapy department always welcome Mary to come down and visit and just hang out. I want to say thank you to everyone who works at Jefferson City Health & Rehab Center for all they have done for Mary and me.

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