In House Nurse Practitioner

Many practices in the medical field have been eliminated or advanced to make room for new ones. Sometimes, though, time-tested routines prove to be the most dependable. Our “old-school” doctor-nurse rounds display the benefits of attentive daily care. 

Our professional care team shares its expertise for the optimal health of all our residents. In the nursing field, nurse practitioners, or NPs, are a symbol of support. These specialty nurses train to work with our doctors. Daily, they deal with the specific challenges our residents may face. Our NPs and physicians are the most compassionate, highly trained, and valuable members of our Jefferson City Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center family.

Care That’s Based On Attention

Often, a loved one can suffer from more than one ailment. This means that the doctors and nurses always need to be aware. Discussions of new symptoms and drug interactions take place on daily rounds. While delivering care, doctors and nurses spend time every day consulting with staff members and residents’ families. Due to their constant interactions, they are well aware of any changes in condition or behavior. A determination for adjusting medication or prescribing therapy becomes more effective.

Keeping On Track

A loss of cognitive and physical skills can result in depression and other emotional distress. Due to their training and sensitivity, our care team is equipped to notice and take action. Because they spend the most time with our residents, our NPs are the ones to alert other staff members. When their insider knowledge pairs with the staff doctors on joint rounds, there is never a waste of time. Issues can quickly be resolved before emotional backlash takes over.

At Jefferson City Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center, we have always believed that the highest quality care comes with open dialogue. Our nurses share daily observations in their pre-round meetings. In this way, doctors are aware of what to ask a resident before they even walk into the room. Also, our NPs inform family members of any changes in the mood or health of their loved ones. They ensure that everyone is aware and works together.

Of course, we know how important your loved one’s health and quality of life are to you. Our rounding nurses and doctors serve our residents with daily doses of sensitive care.

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